All students are require to take:

  • Students’ ID card
  • European Health Insurance Card (or other insurance that covers their trip during IP)
  • Laptops

All teachers are require to take:

  • European Health Insurance Card or other insurance

Travel and transfer:

Turkish volunteer students will be waiting for all teams and individual persons at the airports with label ENTERPRISE2013 and will assist you to hotel.

First day (18 March 2013):
Turkish students will assist all participants from hotel to university:

  • No later than 8.30 am, all schools meet at reception desk.
  • All of you will get welcome package with practical information on the program when you arrive hotel on 17 th of March 2013- bring them with you.

Money exchange:

  • Exchange rate: 1 Euro = app.2.37 TL (Turkish Liras)
  • You can exchange money at airport (exchange rate is not attractive), at downtown , and Şile.


  • Hope the weather will turn into Spring when you arrive. As of the moment temperature is around 12 C,we have rainy, and some cold days (around +8 degree), and for warm days (+12 degree)

Prepare before your departure:

  • Aperitifs to bring for your country’s tastes (European Aperitif)
  • Something dressy for Gala Dinner
  • PowerPoint presentations of your country-school (15 minutes)